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The school librarian has an important role in the use of technology by students and faculty. We are a direct line for teaching skills and underconstruction.pngassisting students and teachers with using various software programs and Web 2.0 tools. A number of librarians serve their schools as the local school technology coordinator. The main focus for technology is in teaching students and teacher how to utilize these resources and to assist teachers with ideas and activities for integrating technologies into the curriculum. We work with professional development committees and organizations at the local, district, and state levels to keep abreast of new technolgies and how to make these resources availble to our patrons. The issue is that technology is dynamic and tools are changing moment to moment, and there are so many tools that are offered, that it is a full-time job just to acertain what is profitable for students and teachers and what is easiest to implement. Technology is an area in which professional development must be on-going to be successful.

Role of the School Librarian in Technology

The Leadership Role of the Teacher Librarian in School Technology (Presentation)

Web 2.0 "College" (100 free library 2.0 webinars and tutorials)

Web 2.0 in School Libraries

New Tools Workshop (by Joyce Valenza)

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