The role of the librarian and the library program in reading development.

We believe reading is a foundational skill for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment and in being successful in life.

Reading and the Library Program

AASL's position statement on the school librarian's role in reading

Get the toolkit from AASL

Alabama Reading Association
Rainbow Reading Council, Cullman

Reading Integration

Targeting Essential Reading Skills

Expository Text (Big6 Article, The Choice for Some a Challenge for Others)

Reading for Information (Big6 Article,The Trash and Treasure Method for Teaching Note-Taking, Grades 3-12)

Reading Expository Prose (

Graphic Organizers Targeting Specific Reading Skills

Guiding Reading

ReadWriteThink (Lesson plans and more)

Web 2.0 and the New Visual Literacy

Find a Book - Lexile Framework for Reading

Lexlie and Text Complexity

AR Book Finder

Reading Clubs and Organizations*

Cold Springs High School - Reading Club (7-9)
Fairview High School - Aggies For Advancing Reading, AFAR (9-12)
Good Hope High School - Youth Literacy Leaders (9-12)
West Point High School - Literary Society (9-12)

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