College & Career Ready Standards Awareness Training for Librarians
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Purpose: To provide awareness level training to educators regarding the implementation of the College & Career Ready Standards for Alabama students. Beginning with the overall view of the purpose of the standards, how they were derived, and where our State is headed in the plan to implement ELA and Content Area standards in the 2013-2014 school year. To obtain PD credit, you must register in STIPD using the appropriate session number.

Awareness Lesson 1: "The Big Picture" STIPD# CCBOE022213 (2 hour credit)

This first lesson will be more time-consuming as it covers a great amount of information relating to an overview of the College & Career-Ready Standards, the 2020 Plan, resources for learning about the standards, and significant shifts in the educational landscape of what will be required from students.

Awareness Lesson 2: A Look at the Standards--Math & Literacy STIPD# CCBOE030113LM (1 hour credit)

A View of the Standards from 30,000 Feet (Video), Crosswalk between CCSS and AASL, and an overview of the Insight Tool round out this session of awareness training.

Awareness Lesson 3: Key shifts in Teaching & Learning: Looking at Informational Text & Increased Rigor

STIPD# CCBOE031213 (1 hour credit)

Investigating what it means for our students to be "Literate Individuals", identifying and defining informational text, and looking at the idea of increased rigor in both text and in applying teaching strategies.

Awareness Lesson 4: CCRS and Text Complexity--The Model STIPD# CCBOE031313 (1 hour credit)

Relaying the concept of Text Complexity in the Common Core State Standards with an explanation of the three-faceted model and some of the available tools to assist in analyzing text.

Awareness Lesson 5: Content Literacy: The Anchor Standards STIPD# CCBOE040813LM (1 hour credit)

Content Literacy and the English Language Arts standards comprise the Literacy portion of the College and Career-Ready Standards and this lesson looks at the various Anchor Standards.

Awareness Lesson 6: CCRS and Assessment (including Strategic Teaching) STIPD# CCBOE041513 (1 hour credit)

Looking at the important role that Assessment plays within CCRS and also discussing the role of Strategic Teaching as it deals with assessing instruction.

Awareness Lesson 7 (Final Lesson): CCRS Rewind--Reviewing the Key Shifts STIPD# CCBOE041613 (1 hour credit)

A discussion of human learning begins the final awareness training lesson with a review of the key shifts that have been emphasized in the Standards with a look toward the Implementation Phase for fall 2013.

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