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To provide awareness level training to educators regarding the implementation of the College & Career Ready Standards for Alabama students. Beginning with the overall view of the purpose of the standards, how they were derived, and where our State is headed in the plan to implement ELA and Content Area standards in the 2013-2014 school year. The role for librarians in CCRS implementation.

Review: (Note: use the back button on your browser to return from the pdf.)

In this session we will:

1) Look at human learning and a review the key shifts that are emphasized in CCRS that we have discussed in our Awareness Training, and then a look toward the Implementation Phase and how that impacts us as school librarians. (pdf)

2) View the video that gives insight into implementing the content literacy standards. (~3.50 min.)

3) Lesson Follow-up and Evaluation Activity for Participants (Google Form)


1.Open the pdf lesson file and read the information and view the files that accompany the lesson.

2. View the video.

3. Complete the Google Form for follow-up and evaluation.

4. If you register in STI PD you can earn a one hour credit for this training.

Files and Links:


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Implementing Content Literacy in ELA and all other Content Areas from the Hunt Institute, Video (~3.50 min.)

Lesson 7 Follow-Up and Evaluation (Must be completed. Click on link.)

Save the Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What: System-wide Librarians Meeting (With both City and County Systems)

Where: Bearcat Learning Room at the City Schools Central Office

When: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 (All Day Meeting). Look for a more specific agenda to be forthcoming.

Why: To meet with State Dept Librarian, Meg Lowery to discuss CCRS implementation--along with David Burrow who will discuss nonfiction, including nonfiction eBooks, as well as nonfiction databases, along with the common core and how to evaluate our collections in Atriuum to the standards.

Mrs. Schuman will let our principals know that on this day our library programs will close, if necessary, so that we can meet in a "job alike" group of librarians with state department staff to cover important information regarding College and Career-Ready Standards along with their implementation in our schools/system(s).

There will be an STI PD number for you to register for this PD session, it will be emailed with the agenda closer to the scheduled date. Be sure and register in STI for the meeting. It is expected that all librarians attend as there is no make-up session available should you miss this opportunity to meet with Meg, John, and David.

This is such an exciting time for us as librarians! Being able to serve our schools as a specialist in a unique capacity that shows why school librarians are such valuable assets to our school communities is truly a blessing, especially in this day and age when so many other states have chosen to do away with school library positions.

Bring your smile and your hard-work ethic and lets get ready to rock the house! :-)