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To provide awareness level training to educators regarding the implementation of the College & Career Ready Standards for Alabama students. Beginning with the overall view of the purpose of the standards, how they were derived, and where our State is headed in the plan to implement ELA and Content Area standards in the 2013-2014 school year. The role for librarians in CCRS implementation.


In this session we will:

1) Discuss key shifts in Teaching & Learning by looking at Informational Text & Increased Rigor (pdf)

2) Provide handouts that accompany the lesson and for personal reference.

3) Lesson Follow-up Activity for Participants (Google Form)


1. Open the pdf lesson file and read the information and view the files that accompany the lesson.

2. Complete the Google Form for follow-up and evaluation.

3. If you register in STI PD you can earn a one hour credit for this training.

Files and Links:


(NOTE: Clicking your browser's back button after reading the pdf file will return you to this page.)

Portrait of a Literate Individual Activity Handout

Traits of a Literate Individual Handout (Introduction, page 7 of ELA Course of Study)

Lesson 3 Follow-Up and Evaluation (Must be completed. Click on link.)

Future lessons will provide educators with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the standards, tools that will assist teachers with the standards, and more in-depth coverage of the "Significant Shifts". A tentative plan for future awareness lessons are listed below:

CCRS Awareness Lesson 4
CCRS and Text Complexity: The Model
Understanding Quantitative Measures using Lexile® and ATOS®
Simplifying Text Complexity (Video, ~19 min)
Lesson Follow-up Activity for Participants

CCRS Awareness Lesson 5
Content Literacy: The Anchor Standards (pdf)
Think Alouds: Unpacking the Standards (Video, ~14 min)
Anchor Standards-Reading (pdf)
Anchor Standards-Writing (pdf)
Lesson Follow-up Activity for Participants

CCRS Awareness Lesson 6
CCRS and Assessment (pdf)
Improving the Teaching Practice (Video, ~4 min)
Strategic Teaching-Daily Assessments
Tracking Students-Assessments (ACT, Global Scholar, Benchmarks, End of Term)
Response to Intervention Program
Lesson Follow-up Activity for Participants